Welcome to Tactile Dreams: Quilts for Body & Soul

I love the tactile quality of cloth.  The juxtaposition of color and texture and pattern in a pieced top makes the top more than the sum of the individual fabrics.  It is an artistic expression of feelings, emotions, ideas, and experiences.

Quilting completes the quilt top, artistically enhancing the pattern created by the piecing and, quite literally, adding a new dimension to the work.

Quilting for me is also about giving joy and comfort.  I can touch someone and be with them every time that they wrap up in my quilt.

I hope that you will explore my website to learn about longarm quilting and using my services to finish your quilt tops.

I also make custom quilts for gifts. Tee shirt quilts, wedding quilts, and memory quilts are unique and tactile gifts for your loved ones.

 --Cynthia White, Longarm Quilt Artist

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